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Refit & maintenance

Rebuilding of your gem! We do partly or complete refits of all kind of wooden boats. for example Our services include:

  • impregnation and finishing

  • Re-framing

  • Reparing and chainging of planking

  • wooden keel- structureal renovations

  • Renewing of decks and re-caulking of deck seeams.

We can also redo specific parts of your boat:

  • floorboards, 

  • masts & booms

  • oars & paddles  

  • etc.

Contact  Eddie, if you have questions about refits and maintenance

Custom products

If you have a vision about a special carpentry product, that you would like , we can help you with the design and construction of all individually tailored products in wood.

In the picture gallery above you can see an example of a kitchen island custom made by us. We have also designed special oars/ paddles and many other kind of products.

Please contact Mika , if you are searching for help on getting your custom product idea realized.

We build classic wooden boats with practical designs and modern solutions, yet still on traditional ways as carvel built solid timber planking and screwed to steam bent or laminated wooden frames.

We also employ some modern methods on the construction such as epoxy glueing of plank edges, deck, etc.

For finishing, the boats are thoroughly impregnated with linseed oil and then varnished/ painted both on in and outsides.

Edge glued planking gives a stiff and strong hull with minimal movements of the wood and the maintenance is much easier than with traditional plank-on-frame construction.

If you have questions about new builds please contact  Fredrik ,

New builds

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