About us

Jakobstads Båtvarv was founded in 1904 in the Old Harbour of Jakobstad. It is the oldest still active boatyard in Finland. We build classic wooden boats as well as

  offer refits, maintenance and winter storage.

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The yard is still located, and has its modern facilities, in the old harbour in Jakobstad, Finland. It is owned by Master boat-builder Jan Backman since 1985 and continues to stand for the same high quality as it has done ever since its beginning. The yard is recognized for its ambitious projects, practical and elegant designs as well as and  beautiful craftsmanship. 

Jan Backman has carefully chosen few skillful independent entrepreneurs for collaborating with him on the day-to-day running of the yard. When a project so demands, skills are joined, otherwise each one occupies himself with varied spectrum of woodwork. This way we can offer wide range of skills and knowledge in boatbuilding and on other related crafts. 


Fredrik Östman, boat-builder, is dedicated to new builds. He loves outdoor life, bicycling and sailing. He has been racing wooden hajboats for some years, and  today a lot of time is spent with his refitted mahogany cruising yacht from 1968.

Johan Tonberg, boat-builder. Mostly working with refits, maintenance and sales of boat supplies.  

Outdoor life is his greatest passion and he does wilderness guiding, sea kayaking and boat tourism. 

Mika Timgren, boat-builder. Mainly working with refits and customized special products. He´s an inventor and a visionary, you might find him building tiny houses or welding some interesting inventions in the workshop. 

Since November 2017 the owner of the boatyard, Jan Backman, has been fullfilling his dream on sailing full-time with his wooden yacht Henrietta.